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News / 28 November 2014

First article on Kuru Anime News

Well, what do you know? I didn't know that the news page will really be done before December. Achievement unlocked! I promised someone that I'll finish this project before December and here it is. I almost failed that promise because I've been on a two week hiatus. If you look at it, it's not that long but for me it's disappointing. I could have done so many productive things in that past two weeks. Oh well. Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted at all, right?

Enough with the chit-chat and let's talk about this website. What's this website about? To put it simply, this is a website that will bring you anime news, anime rumors and anime reviews! It's our own version of Anime News Network. The anime news category will bring you stuffs like upcoming anime series, updates on seiyuus, trending anime and much more! Rumors on the other hand will bring, obviously, anime rumors. Things that are not confirmed but is making a huge uproar over the web will fall on the category of anime rumors. Lastly, reviews! It can be a review of a movie, a single episode, a manga, a whole series, etc. We'll even review figmas and such. That sums about all the three categories. We'll be posting there pretty soon.

This website will not only help you guys read the latest anime news but it will also help us advertise the Kuru Anime Community. Hooray! When you guys share an article online, it'll help us with our Search Engine Optimization. SEO in plain English is going to the front page of search engines like Google. It's, like, the heart of our traffic. Soon we'll be putting ads on the sidebar and it'll help us maintain the website. In other words, the more you share our articles, the stronger Kuru Anime will become! So it's like helping each other. Neat, huh? I find this website important for Kuru Anime.

I guess that's about it. I've been neglecting my blogging duties that's why my writing skills is not that great anymore. It's all random words and not focused on a single thing. Don't worry, I'll be asking people who are great at writing so that we'll be giving out quality content. Hope to see you again later, guys! Matane!

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Eriko-kun is the founder and lead developer of Kuru Anime. Follow him on twitter @BosEriko or visit his website at
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