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News / 13 June 2015

New Digimon Adventure Tri. Digidestined character visuals revealed

The Digimon Adventure Tri. hype train does not seem to be slowing down even if it was announced that the new anime will be a movie series instead of a TV series as originally planned. The upcoming anime’s official website has now been updated and it fully shows the original eight Digidestined/ Chosen Children in their new character designs by Atsuya Uki.

The website features the “Original Eight” Digidestined streaming through, and it really does seem that Toei was not bothered at all by all the hate the new character designs are getting in from both foreign and Japanese fans who prefer the old school character designs. Looks like they stood by Atsuya Uki despite the fact that many fans have already signed a petition asking him to be replaced and replacing his character designs with ones which look a lot more like the original designs.

As for fans aking for a change in the designs, looks like they would have to settle with Atsuya Uki’s new designs. Sorry guys

The first part to this now-anime movie series will premiere in Japan on November 21, 2015 and it will be fittingly titled Saikai, which means Reunion in Japanese.

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