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Reviews / 10 December 2014

Psycho-Pass Review

Ever wondered how well a country will be if the law in it is perfect? No human judges, no trials, no doubts; all will be judged by a super computer. Sounds perfect? Maybe, but what if there are ways to confuse the system? Rather, what if there are people immune to it? There will be no way to protect ourselves against them because the system is what rules the country. Humans will be weak and dependent on the system so when the worse come we’re all doomed.


The show started off showing the setting of the whole series. From the looks of it, the director is giving out the idea that the show is set in the future where robots roam the street. They also showed two important characters of the series at the start; Kogami Shinya and Makishima Shogo. They didn’t really show what happened next when the two characters were introduced, instead the story moved on to the next main character, Tsunemori Akane. Tsunemori is a new inspector; hence explanation of what the police are doing was given to her and also to us. Every person in Japan is evaluated constantly by a system called Sibyl. The Sibyl System rates the citizens with numbers called Psycho-pass. A person with a high rate of Psycho-pass will receive judgment based on the number of their Psycho-pass. Dominators, a futuristic gun, will pass out the judgment; it can either paralyze a target or make them explode inside-out. Also, citizens with a high number of Psycho-pass are considered latent criminals. Latent criminals can either be put into jail until their Psycho-pass went down or be an enforcer and help out inspectors; the Sibyl System will judge a latent criminal if they’re worthy of being an enforcer.


The characters are normal people that work on the MWPSB. Some of them are enforcers and some are inspectors. Akane Tsunemori, a new inspector of the MWPSB. She’s a smart person whose Hue doesn’t get much cloudy even if she’s stressed out. Kogami Shinya, an enforcer whose intuitions are almost spot-on every time. Ginoza Nobuchika, an inspector superior to Akane. He has deep connections with the enforcers. Kagari Shuusei, a goofy character that can get smart when it’s needed. Masaoka Tomomi, an old guy who seems to know the system before Sibyl appeared. Let’s not forget about Makishima Shogo, that somewhat awesome guy with white hair at the start of the show. There are supporting characters that should be introduced, too, but I chose not to because I’m sticking to the first 10 minutes of the first episode to avoid spoilers and such.


The first opening song was played during the introduction of the settings in the first episode. The song’s name is Abnormalize by the band Ling Tosite Sigure. Remember Tokyo Ghoul’s opening, anyone? Yes, Ling Tosite Sigure also sang Tokyo Ghoul’s Unravel which makes the first opening of Psycho-pass awesome for some. The second opening is Out of Control and the lyrics are in English. Both opening songs are awesome in my opinion. Let’s not forget about Kana Hanazawa voicing Akane. Plus 100 points for Akane’s cuteness.


The animation is quite good. The hair and the eyes of the characters for me give them the feeling of being alive. The fight scenes are also well detailed. The Martial Arts of the character doesn’t look stiff at all. Psycho-pass was made by Production I.G. Seems familiar? I.G. also helped in making Attack on Titan and Eden of the East. 

Final Verdict

After making me almost scream like a little girl with some of the plot twists I’ll give this show a rating of B-. If you’re looking for an action anime without super powers this anime is for you.

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