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News / 20 June 2015

Video: To Love-Ru Darkness character PVs for Momo and Rito streamed

Summer is certainly heating up, and it is about to get hotter as the second season for To Love-Ru Darkness will be making its Japanese TV premiere this July 7, 2015, and to further whet the appetites of fans, two new character PVs have been streamed by the anime’s official website. A bit of a warning though, as these PVs are NSFW

The first PV features the cunning and sultry Momo Deviluke, who would stop at nothing to make sure Rito has a very happy HAREM ENDING

The second PV meanwhile features the legendary “lucky pervert” himself and main character to the series, Rito Yuuki, who will definitely be getting into more ecchi trouble in this new season

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